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World Music Day – Know the theme of 2022 and its Significance

Music Day 2022: It is celebrated on June 21 every year. The theme for 2022 World Music Day is “Music on the intersections”.

World Music Day

World Music Day 2022 Poster

You know that Music Day was first celebrated in the year 1982 on the Summer Solstice in France.

World Music Day 2022 Theme

Did you know that World Music Day is observed in more than 120 nations? In France, World Music Day is a significant cultural occasion.

World Music Day 2022

Music Day aims to provide free music for everyone to enjoy while also promoting peace and goodwill through the celebration of music or positivity.

World Music Day Celebrated

All genres of music, including funk, jazz, rock, classical, folk, and many more, are honored on World Music Day.

World Music Day Image

There are many benefits of listening to music, if you want to forget the tiredness of the day, then listen to the song of your choice for a while.

World Music Day Quotes Date

Music can make you forget the fatigue and troubles of the whole day in 10 minutes.

World Music Day Quotes

We want to listen to old songs and spell songs with a new song. Keeping the stress of your life aside and listening to a good song can be a good option.

World Music Day Status

We should take special care of this thing, while listening to music, do not listen for a long time. It can also harm.

World Music Day Wallpaper

So we should listen to the song in our free time and at a low volume. Music lovers on June 21, 2022, are welcomed to celebrate their love.

World Music Day

Both World Music Day and International Yoga Day are celebrated on 21st June. Both of these should be in our daily life routine, so let’s straighten up from today, doing yoga and listening to music.



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