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World Marriage Day: How to Celebrate Commitment and Love

World Marriage Day: Marriage is a hugely important institution in almost every part of the world and it represents the formalization of a two-person relationship. World Marriage Day celebrates all aspects of marriage and is an excellent day to propose to your partner. Get married, or celebrate the one you are already married to!

History of World Marriage Day

World Marriage Day was founded by an American organization called Worldwide Marriage Encounter. And is also associated with the Catholic Marriage Movement. It is supposed to be celebrated on the second Sunday of February. but the exact date varies from year to year.

The goal of the day was originally set out to celebrate the “husband and wife as the foundation of the family and the basic unit of society”. The goal is also to honor the idea that marriage is meant to embody faithfulness, sacrifice, and joy in everyday life.

World Marriage Day began in the early 1980s in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in the United States.

It was a grass-roots movement of couples who requested that the mayor of the city. The governor of the state, and the Bishop of the church honor married couples by declaring St. Valentine’s Day as “We Believe in World Marriage Day”.

Celebrate World Marriage Day

Within a year, the idea had caught on, and 43 of the nation’s 50 state governors had declared the day’s legitimacy, and some celebrations had even spread throughout the world onto various US military bases. By 1983, the name had been changed to “World Marriage Day,” and the date had been moved to the second Sunday in February (which sometimes coincided with Valentine’s Day).

A decade or so later, in 1993, Pope John Paul II of the Catholic Church officially blessed the date. The day’s celebrations continue to grow and spread throughout different countries and among people of various religions all over the world.

The World Marriage Day (WMD) symbol depicts two people as candle-like figures, implying that the love of a marriage is frequently used to help bring light to the world. The symbol then connects the couple with a heart, symbolizing the power of love and unity to bring life and inspiration to others.

How to Celebrate World Marriage Day

World Marriage Day can be observed and celebrated in a variety of creative and meaningful ways! Try some of these and get creative with your own:

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Take Your Spouse on a Date

People who are married should still date! It can be difficult with a slew of children or work responsibilities. However, it is critical to make time to invest in each other and the marriage relationship. Try these suggestions for a date with your spouse:

Take a Weekend Vacation. Enlist the help of a babysitter and plan a few nights away from home for the two of you to reconnect on a deeper level. Get away from the daily stresses by going on a hike in the woods, getting a couple’s massage, or visiting a new city.

Bring a picnic to the park. Even if money is tight, a picnic in the park can be almost entirely free (since you have to eat anyway). Grab a sandwich, some fruit, or some vegetables to snack on. Don’t forget to bring a picnic blanket and a bottle of wine.

Take in a Botanical Garden or a Museum. Simply walking around and talking about art or plants can be a delightfully relaxing activity. Hold hands, point out things you like, and enjoy each other’s simple company.

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Congratulations to a Long-Term Couple

A good place to start is by celebrating the marriages in your family or friend group. Have you got parents, grandparents, or friends who have been married for a long time?

Give them a call or send them a card to thank them for setting a good example of perseverance. Ask them to tell you stories about their relationship or if they can give you some advice on what keeps their marriage going after so many years. Tell them how impressive their long-term marriage is and join them in celebrating!

Participate in a World Marriage Day Event

World Marriage Day events can be large or small. Hosted by various organizations all over the world. But their focus is always to honour the commitment and benefits of the institution of marriage. Make a quick online search to see what events are being held in your area, whether through clubs, non-profit organizations, therapy groups, or churches.

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Read a Marriage-Related Book

Those who are married understand that relationships require effort and that there is always more to learn. Those who are single but hope to marry someday can also benefit from learning how to be a better person (which can translate into being a better spouse).

Reading books (individually or as a couple) is an excellent way to continue learning about how to improve married life. Discuss them together, or start a book club with other couples or singles to discuss the ideas. In honour of this important day, try some of these reading suggestions:

  • Dr. Gary Chapman’s book The Five Love Languages. This best-seller deconstructs the various ways in which people communicate and receive love. These concepts are applicable to almost any relationship, not just marriage.
  • Dr. John M. Gottman and Nan Silver’s The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work. This practical guide is from one of America’s leading relationships. Experts provide key points and exercises that can help a marriage grow and endure even in difficult times.
  • Erich Fromm’s The Art of Loving. This book teaches individuals how to learn “the art of loving” better in marriage, family, parenting, and self-love. With the foundational idea that a person can actually work to increase their love for others.
  • Dr. Gary Chapman’s book Loving Your Spouse When You Want to Leave. Another recent Chapman book worth mentioning, this one speaks to the very real struggles that married people face. It also provides tools for positively impacting both partners in a relationship and changing the emotional climate of a marriage.


World Marriage Day is a special occasion that honors the sanctity and beauty of marriage. It is a day to celebrate the love and commitment that goes into making a successful marriage. As well as to recognize the importance of strong and healthy relationships. Whether you are single or married. we encourage you to reflect on your relationships and appreciate the people who bring love and joy into your life.


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