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WhatsApp Will Soon Be Able To Be Used On Four Devices, Not Two

Whatsapp Latest Update: Many WhatsApp users desire to utilize the instant messaging platform on two more devices while still utilizing the same phone number. This is not possible, though, as WhatsApp only allows one smartphone to be logged in simultaneously. WhatsApp may be used on both mobile and desktop simultaneously, though. Currently, WhatsApp is trying to make it possible for customers to use the Companion Mode feature to access WhatsApp on two or more cell phones with the same number.

Companion Mode has reportedly been given out to specific beta testers of WhatsApp, according to the WABetaInfo website, which records the release of new features for the app. It stated that by making the capability available to some beta testers, WhatsApp is testing companion mode for mobile devices. Through the ‘Link Device’ option in WhatsApp, they have the choice to connect a second smartphone. The current method of scanning QR codes will be used for the connecting.

WhatsApp Update 2022

Once you connect another smartphone, your conversation history will be synced there as well, and you will be able to monitor and respond to messages and calls, the study claims. As a result, a beta tester can now use one WhatsApp account to connect up to four devices—two smartphones, one tablet, and one desktop.

Following testing, this capability was made available to all users. It can be useful for data transmission between two devices and users who have two handsets but only have one WhatsApp number and wish to use the services. By doing this, you won’t need a second phone number to utilize WhatsApp on two different cell phones.

In India, WhatsApp has almost 500 million users.

WhatsApp Update

Recently, WhatsApp expanded the number of group members to 1024 and launched the WhatsApp Community function globally. Users can build a group made up of several groups using the Community function. A community may contain a maximum of 12 groups.

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