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Vivah Panchami Date, Ram Vivah – Worship Method of Ram Marriage

Vivah Panchami Date: The marriage of Ram and Sita is commemorated on the fifth day of Shukla Paksha in the month of Aghan. Let’s find out when Ram Vivahotsav falls this year, and what is the right way to worship.

Vivah Panchami Date 2022:¬†On the fifth day of Shukla Paksha in the month of Marsh, Lord Ram wed Janakandani Sita. Because of this, this day is also referred to as Vivah Panchami. People who practice Hinduism commemorate Ram Sita’s wedding on this day. The custom of marrying mother Sita in the shape of Lord Rama on the day of Aghan Panchami is regarded as extremely auspicious. Let’s find out the date of Vivah Panchami and how to commemorate Ram and Sita’s wedding on this day.

When is Vivah Panchami?

Vivah Panchami 2022

The Panchami Tithi of the Shukla Paksha of the month of Marshish begins on November 27 at 04:25 and ends on November 28 at 01:35, according to the Hindu Panchag. Vivah Panchami will be observed on November 28 following the rising date custom.

Auspicious time

regarding Vivah Panchami This time, on the day of Aghan Panchami, or Vivah Panchami, four auspicious yogas are established. Worship in this yoga is highly regarded as a virtue. Abhijit Muhurta from 11.53 am to 12.36 pm, Amrit Kaal from 05.21 pm to 05.49 pm, and from 10.29 am to 06.55 am on this day. The following day, Ravi’s Yoga is.

Method of Vivah Panchami Puja

Vivah Panchami 2022 Date

Take a promise to marry Ram Sita after your morning shower, and then begin the preparations for your wedding. After that, make Pitambari offerings to the statues of Mata Siti and Lord Ram. Recite the Ramayana Balakand’s marriage context after that. After saying this, recite “Om Janaki Vallabhai Namah” five times. Then, at Lord Ram’s Pitambari, form an alliance with Mother Siti’s chunri. Sing the songs of Lord Ram and Mother Sita simultaneously as you celebrate Ram Vivahotsav with style.

Importance of

Happy Panchami On the Vivah Panchami day, Lord Ram and Sita crossed paths and were sworn to be husband and wife. This is why this date is significant in a specific way. Hearing the tale of Ram’s wedding on this day is incredibly lucky. Those who finish the Ramcharit Manas recitation on this day. Both their marriage and family lives are content.

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