Vastu Tips for Home: You are also unknowingly making these mistakes! will wealth down

Vastu Tips for Home, How to Appease Maa Laxmi: We must carry out the deeds that are precious to Maa Lakshmi to win her favor. While frequently unconsciously, we continue to make these errors that push us into poverty. Everyone wants to live a happy life while also becoming wealthy. For this, someone works diligently, yet frequently unconsciously, he undermines his efforts.

Vastu Tips for Home

Vastu Tips
A person’s errors result in numerous Vaastu flaws in their house and place of business, which surround them in a bad way. Due to this, despite his best efforts, he still falls short of receiving the advancement and compensation he deserves.

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Improper kitchen utensils left out at night: A lot of people leave their kitchens messy at night. This is how fake utensils are stored. Mother Lakshmi and Mother Annapurna are enraged by this. Happiness, prosperity, and blessings never stay in the house in such a condition. Additionally, troubles in life do not disappear. Change this behavior right now and always go to bed after cleaning the kitchen.

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Numerous individuals frequently eat while seated on their beds. It is unlucky to do it. This leads to a variety of architectural flaws in the house. There is negativity. Annapurna’s mother gets upset. Never eat while seated on the ground. Food should always be consumed while seated.

vastu tips for home
When you wash your clothing at night, the sun does not dry them for you. Health issues resulting from this. Additionally, doing laundry at night adds more negativity. As a result, the house loses its happiness, harmony, and prosperity. The family begins to fall into poverty.

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After-evening sweeping: Avoid sweeping and mopping during and after sunset. Mother Lakshmi is enraged if you do this. Mother Lakshmi never dwells in a home like that. Such a home progressively loses its wealth. There is a financial loss.

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