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The G-20 meeting will be held in Gurgaon from March 1 to 4, with 39 countries in attendance.

G20 Summit 2023: The G-20 Anti-Corruption Group conference will be held in Gurugram from March 1 to 4. The conference is expected to attract representatives from 39 countries. Decoration work is done in large quantities throughout the city in the days leading up to the program.

Run for G20 held in Gurugram

The city is preparing to welcome visitors to the G-20 Summit.

to be held in Millennium City from March 1 to March 4. Throughout the city, hoardings are being erected. Bus stop shelters have G-20-related slogans and messages. G-20 conference-related messages and slogans are painted on city buses and Volvo buses traveling on interstate routes.

G-20 summit at Hotel Leela in Gurugram

The working group’s first anti-corruption meeting

will be held at the Hotel Leela in Gurugram during the G-20 summit. It is clear that the hotel is excited to welcome foreign guests. Greetings are appearing all over the place. Hello to Gurugram, the pride of Haryana, where catchy slogans such as “Big Responsibility, Big Ambition” can be seen in both English and Hindi.

G20 summit in gurgaon

Deputy Commissioner Gurgram confirmed that 39 countries were represented.

are expected to participate in the conference. The methods used to combat corruption in their respective countries will be examined. The effectiveness of the measures in preventing corruption will be discussed, as well as how to improve their effectiveness. Furthermore, G-20 countries will attempt to learn from one another’s experiences.

G-20 conference 2023

The results of this discussion will then be made public.

to the nations and international organizations that are taking part. Millennium City will welcome visitors to the G-20 conference, which will take place from March 1 to March 4. Throughout the city, hoardings are being erected. Messages and slogans related to the G-20 can be seen on bus shelters. The G-20 theme is used to decorate city buses as well as Volvo buses that travel on interstate routes.

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