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Tejasswi Prakash Giving a glimpse into her winter diaries with Karan Kundra

Tejran New Posts: Popular television star Tejaswi Prakash released a photo dump from her winter diaries that included her boyfriend Karan Kundrra. One of the most loved couples in the television industry is Tejaswi Prakash and Karan Kundra, and their admirers go above and above to show them their support. As they often update their followers on where they are, the lovebirds have a sizable social media fan base. They also never miss an opportunity to publicly declare their affection for one another. We are in wonder after seeing the couple’s recent sequence of photos posted on their own social media accounts.

Tejasswi and Karan collaborated on a post on their Instagram accounts showing snippets from their winter diaries. The duo can be seen in the photos taking silly selfies together and looking gorgeous in their winter attire. It appears that the photos are old ones from their trip to Mussoorie for business. Her followers reacted quickly after she published the article, and soon the comments section was swamped with heart and fire emojis. The duo, who are both wearing hoodies, can be seen looking adorable as they battle the winter blues.

Tejran New Posts

Tejasswi Prakash
The photos of Tejasswi and Karan are so adorable and totally drool-worthy.

Tejasswi Prakash Photos
One of the most well-liked couples in television town is the acting duo of Tejaswi Prakash and Karan Kundra. Their fans have given them the moniker “TejRan.”

Tejasswi Prakash News
The beginning of Karan and Tejasswi’s romance took place while they were houseguests on “Bigg Boss 15.” Since then, the “Bigg Boss” couple has been going strong.

Tejasswi Prakash Latest Pics
Fans of Karan and Tejasswi hope to witness their impending nuptials soon because they are so deeply in love.

Actress Tejasswi Prakash
Additionally, the pair purchased a house in Dubai. When they welcomed 2023 together, lovebirds Karan and Tejasswi gave us big couple goals. The pair posted a photo to their social media accounts and captioned it, “Finally after all the madness… Let’s ring in the new year with appreciation, modesty, and love. New Year’s greetings. In the picture, Tejasswi was being held close to him, and Karan couldn’t stop ogling her. While Tejasswi looked simple yet lovely in pink attire, Karan looked stylish in a blue sweatshirt paired with black jeans. See the article here:

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