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Saffron Farming: How a software engineer grew such a crop, selling at Rs 3 lakh/kg

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Saffron Farming: A Maharashtrian software programmer made a fortune from farming. The saffron, which is typically produced in Kashmir, India, has been grown by the Pune software engineer. Recognize that saffron costs Rs 3 lakh per kg on the market. The software engineer made a fortune from his farming ventures. Saffron cultivation has begun in a mobile container thanks to a software engineer. After learning his story, social media users are also admiring this software engineer.

Let us know how the process the software developer used to grow saffron in Pune.

Saffron Farming
Please let people know that Shailesh Modak is the software engineer who grows saffron in Pune, Maharashtra.

A 160-square-meter space has been set aside for the software engineer to begin saffron cultivation. They have gotten a lot of benefits from doing this. For this, he has a unique method.

Saffron Cultivation
Shailesh Modak, a software engineer, claimed to have invested Rs 10 lakh to grow saffron. He purchased saffron crop seeds in Kashmir. Saffron costs Rs 3 lakh per kg in the market. He is making a lot of money from growing saffron.

Saffron Plants
According to the Pune-based software developer who grows saffron, he uses aeroponic technology. In shipping containers, he is raising saffron plants.

Cultivation of Saffron
According to Shailesh Modak, hydroponic technology is also employed to grow crops without the use of soil. Saffron cultivation has many advantages.

Cultivating Vegetables And Strawberries
Shailesh Modak, a software engineer, claimed that he had previously begun growing strawberries and vegetables. Following his initial success, he decided to grow saffron.

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