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People! Aadhaar card new rules must be updated every 10 years

Aadhaar Card New Rules: The Central Identities Data Repository’s accuracy will be ensured by the Aadhaar upgrade. Says the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (CIDR).

The Aadhar card regulations have undergone significant modification thanks to the government. The report indicates that the Aadhar card’s documentation would now need to be updated every ten years.

This means that after ten years, the documents that were used to create the Aadhaar card or generate the Aadhaar number will need to be updated at least once.

Aadhaar Card 2022

Aadhaar updates, according to the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology

will guarantee that the pertinent data in the Central Identity Data Repository is accurate (CIDR). Aadhaar holders can update identification and residency proof documents at least once every ten years starting from the Aadhaar enrollment date.

Aadhaar Card News

The people were advised to update the relevant information again if it had been more than ten years since they received their Aadhaar number from the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), the organization that provided the number. If so, the identity and residency proving documents need to be updated.

Aadhaar Card 2022 Update

Update such and these documents

  • Through the “My Aadhaar” portal and “My Aadhaar” app, online updates are possible.
  • This service is offered by the Aadhaar Enrollment Center.
  • Holders of an Aadhaar can update their Identity Proof and Residence Proof, both of which require a name and photo.
  • Aadhaar numbers totaling 134 crores have already been issued.

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