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Pension Scheme: Senior Citizens Will Soon Receive 9600 Rs Pension Per Month

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Pension Scheme: The state government, in addition to the federal government, administers several government programs that help the state’s residents. We’ll talk to you today about a program that allows the government to deposit money into your account each month.

Pension Scheme
The UP government administers a pension program that will allow you to keep receiving payments each month even after you turn 60. The UP Senior Citizen Pension Scheme is the name of this program. The recipients of this program receive Rs 800 per month.

Pension Yojana Status
You must be a resident of UP in order to benefit from this program. Additionally, you need to be older than 60. Your annual income should be no more than Rs 56460.

Check Pension Status Online
More than 51 lakh elderly people have received pension transfers from the government since 2017 to date. The government made this choice with senior citizens’ income in mind so they won’t have to rely on others for their necessities or medications.

DBT Direct Benefit Transfer
You can submit an offline or online application for this program. You must do this by going to the Uttar Pradesh Social Welfare Department’s official website.

Senior Citizen Pension Scheme Toll Free
Aside from this, you can call the toll-free number 18004190001 if you have any issues with the UP Senior Citizen Pension Scheme. You can get all the details right here.

Apply Now For Pension Scheme

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