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Low-Investment Startup Idea: Invest Rs 1 lakh, Earn Rs 1 Lakh per Month

Low-Investment Startup Idea: Contrary to popular assumption, there are several ways to start a business, and choosing one can let you concentrate more on getting started than on logistics and start-up costs. This low-investment company concept would be a great entry point for first-time business owners, bootstrappers, or anyone with a hectic schedule because it allows you to launch a side business without having to stop everything else.

Low-Investment Startup Idea, If you are one of those people who wants to launch a business, you may be seeking innovative business ideas. so look at this.

Even though there are several business prospects nowadays, the government also helps those who want to launch their own company. This program can assist you in realizing your entrepreneurial dreams if you’re trying to launch a business with little financial outlay.

Start this work from one room

Invest Rs 1 lakh Earn Rs 1 lakh per month
You could open a technical training center (TTI). With an initial investment of one lakh rupees, you may open this institute with just one room. All you require is a whiteboard setup, a table, and a chair. TTI is a non-profit organization based in Jordan that was founded in 2010 to foster an entrepreneurial and innovative culture among young women and girls living in underprivileged areas.

helped more than 6000 direct beneficiaries through more than 50 initiatives in Jordan since 2010. Including early-stage incubation, mentoring, training camps, awareness campaigns, and training.

Many huge companies have introduced numerous free online credential programs, yet few people are aware of them. People must be educated about them. You must register individuals for the free certificate course at this institute. All of the courses’ reading materials are simultaneously accessible. You must explain these programs in terms that the general public can understand. After that, you must pass an exam before receiving your certificate.

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