Life is ruined when laughing by these trees that were planted in front of the house!

Tips for Plant Vastu: According to Vastu Shastra, some trees and plants are highly unlucky for the house while others are very lucky. The family suffers if these unlucky trees or plants are in front of the house. The household’s inhabitants’ progress and income come to an end. Relationships and health can become spoiled.

Tips for Plant Vastu, Please inform us of any trees or plants that are unlucky inside the house or in front of the front door.

Vastu Tips for Plants
Tree of the tamarind – The tamarind tree, which is sour and entertaining to eat, is a source of bad karma. Because of this, tamarind trees shouldn’t ever be planted inside a home or directly in front of one. It leads to a financial crisis, domestic disputes, and strife.

Vastu Tips
Peepal tree: Although in Hinduism peepal trees are worshipped, having one inside a home can lead to several issues. The presence of a peepal tree in the home results in financial loss and a decline in revenue.

Vastu Tips for 2023
Date palm tree – Date palm trees emit negative energy as well. Even finished constructions begin to deteriorate if there is a date palm tree inside or in front of the house. The dwelling becomes increasingly impoverished. A halt is reached.

Tree Vastu Shastra
Ber tree: According to Vastu Shastra, having a ber tree in front of the house is highly unlucky. The laughter and love of a family playing together can be overshadowed by it. There is a financial crisis as well as domestic disputes.

Vastu Shastra Update
Trees that produce milk, a white fluid, from their leaves or trunks are strongly prohibited from being planted inside or in front of a house according to Vastu Shastra. Such trees bring negativity into the home, resulting in problems, financial loss, and obstructions to advancement.

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