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LIC super saving scheme: Invest Rs. 2000 Per Month and Get Rs. 48 Lakh

LIC super saving scheme: The Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) offers a variety of plans for various consumer demographics, with monthly investment minimums as low as Rs 500. It now helps you to receive higher returns even if you save and invest an amount as low as Rs 74 per day thanks to the numerous updates and amendments made by LIC to its Endowment Policy.

The new endowment plan from LIC appealingly combines savings and protection features. It is a participating, non-linked, individual life insurance plan. Surviving policyholders are entitled to financial support for this combination, as well as a lump sum payout at any time before maturity for the family of the pre-maturity deceased. The plan also solves the liquidity issue with its credit facility.

LIC of India

This policy has a minimum and maximum entrance age of 8 and 75 years, respectively. The policy terms range from 12 to 35 years, respectively. The minimum annual premium for a 15-year insurance term will be Rs 6,978 for a person who purchases a Rs 1 lakh policy at the age of 20, Rs 3,930 for a 25-year policy term, and Rs 27,54 for a 35-year policy term.

LIC Super Saving Scheme

The Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) offers a number of investment programs that allow participants to make large gains. Because LIC is a long-running government corporation, anyone can invest in it effortlessly. The LIC’s plan number 914, which appears to be quite unique in some areas, is discussed here. With this policy, you can make large gains.

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