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Kartik Purnima 2022 Snan, Pleasure of Mother Lakshmi

Kartik Purnima 2022 Snan: On November 8, 2022, a fast will be observed. The scriptures state that performing a special task on Kartik Purnima makes Maa Lakshmi exceedingly happy. The month of Kartik is regarded as the greatest of all the months. Kartik Purnima 2022. On November 8, 2022, the Kartik Purnima fast will be observed this year. On this day, bathing and giving in the sacred river are thought to have the same effect as praying for an entire month.

Lord Vishnu is honored this month. It is thought that Shri Hari assumed the Matsya avatar during this month. It’s also known as Guru Nanak Jayanti on this day. According to the Vedas, performing a special task on Kartik Purnima 2022 Snan makes Goddess Lakshmi exceedingly delighted, and the person never has a scarcity of money or food. If you follow these 5 activities on this day, Mother Lakshmi would be pleased.

Kartik Purnima 2022

Kartik Purnima 2022 Date

5 Special Functions of Kartik Purnima:

having a bath in the holy river

Kartik PurnimaDuring Kartik, Lord Vishnu lives in water. On Kartik Purnima, it is stated that all sins are wiped away by bathing in the Ganges or any other sacred river. By Shri Hari Vishnu’s grace, Akshaya Punya is obtained. The heat from the body, the divine, and the physical is gone.

devotion to hari-har

The day of the full moon in Kartik is dedicated to Sri Hari, but on that day, offer Tulsi Dal to the Matsya form of Vishnu in the morning and listen to the tale of Satyanarayana, perform the Abhishek of Lord Bholenath in the Tripurari form with Panchamrit, offer Kheer to Goddess Lakshmi, and light a ghee lamp for Mother Tulsi. There should be worship.

Six Tapaswini Kritika Pooja

The six mothers of Kartik Swami, Preeti, Progeny, Kshama, Anasuya, Shiva, and Sambhuti should be worshipped following the moon rising on Kartik Purnima. Worshiping them on this day is thought to increase money, richness, strength, patience, and food.

Kartik Purnima 2022


During Pradosh Kaal on Kartik Purnima, it is important to donate a lamp to a river or pond. Kita: Patga, Mashkaschch tree, burned sthale ye vicharanti jivah, Drishtva Pradeepam nahi janmabhaginaste Muktroopa hi bhavati tatra. Light the lamp in the evening while saying this mantra. It is thought that by using this way to donate a lamp, the fear of an early death disappears and prosperity enters the home.


On the day of the full moon, by giving food, warm clothing, shoes, and slippers, Goddess Lakshmi resides in the home. One pays off the debt. There are opportunities to earn money.

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