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Jacqueline has mentioned the items she received as a gift from Sukesh Chandrashekhar.

Jacqueline Fernandez Sukesh Chandrashekhar: Jacqueline Fernandes, who has appeared in numerous Bollywood films, has been in the news for a long time due to her relationship with thug Sukesh Chandrashekhar.

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In this regard, Jacqueline Fernandes filed a statement in Delhi’s Patiala House Court against Sukesh. Sukesh, according to Jacqueline, has messed with her emotions and ruined her life and career.

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In this statement, Jacqueline also revealed what Sukesh had given her as a gift. It includes 5 watches, 20 pieces of jewelry, 65 pairs of shoes, and many other items.

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Sukesh also gave Jacqueline 47 clothing items, 32 bags, 9 paintings, a crockery set, and a massage chair.

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Not only that, but Sukesh also gave Jacqueline four Hermès bags. According to reports, the price of this Hermès bag is in lakhs.

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Pinky or her most stylish Lipakshi delivered all of Jacqueline’s gifts. He stated that all of these items were delivered directly to his home with no bill.

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