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Hunza Oldest Person: Women here maintain a youthful appearance even at the age of 80!

Hunza Oldest Person: The Burusho community resides in the Hunza Valley in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK). This community is unique in that its residents have lengthy lifespans. It is rumored that Hunza Valley-dwelling Burusho men occasionally become fathers at the age of 90. Additionally, compared to other women in the world, their ladies are more mature when they become pregnant. The women of this village are celebrated for their beauty and active lifestyles, which keep them looking young for a very long period.

Burusho Women
People from the Burusho community closely adhere to their distinctive way of life in the Hunza Valley, which is located in PoK. These folks are strong on the inside and out. According to legend, their way of life is the key to their longevity. Let’s discuss it.

Burusho Lady
People in the Hunza Valley get up every day around 5 a.m., according to media sources, and go for a daily walk afterward. These people only consume meals twice daily. They don’t think it’s healthy to keep eating.

Burusho Community
Burusho community members never consume manufactured food. They only consume food prepared traditionally, without the addition of any chemicals. Pesticides are never applied to the crops in these people’s fields.

Hunza Valley

The Hunza Valley’s Burusho community members enjoy eating milk, curd, and fruits. In addition, they consume grains in the form of barley, wheat, millet, and buckwheat flour.

Burushaski Language
Significantly, the Hunza community’s residents speak Burushaski. Visitors travel from all over the world to this town in the mountains to admire its beauty. The Burusho community is made up of fewer than one lakh people, but a lot of people are interested in them.

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