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How To Recover Deleted Images Or Videos On WhatsApp, Know in Detail

How To Recover Deleted Images: WhatsApp has millions of active users who are increasing their daily usage time. It is the most widely used instant chat program worldwide. In addition to chats, this program allows users to exchange images, videos, and several other media items. However, users frequently delete files from WhatsApp due to a lack of storage, and in this case, many significant photos and videos are lost. However, you shouldn’t worry because deleted files can sometimes be recovered. There’s a fantastic way to go about it. Let me know.

Tips And Tricks For WhatsAppWhatsApp stores images by default in the phone’s gallery. You can still view a photo or video that was deleted from WhatsApp by heading to the gallery. Google Photos is where photos are saved.

WhatsApp Backup
The software backs up conversations and media to iCloud for iOS users and Google Drive for Android users. You can restore a backup from Google Drive or iCloud to your device if media is lost after a daily backup.

WhatsApp Tips And Tricks
On your device, first, uninstall WhatsApp and then reinstall it. Restart the setup with the same number.

Whatsapp Tips
Accept the request to restore data from the backup when presented with it. The media and conversation backups will be restored after the setup is finished.

Whatsapp Tricks
Only Android users have the option to restore WhatsApp media from a media folder. Open the File Explorer application first. Navigate to the media and WhatsApp images folders after selecting the WhatsApp folder. You can view all of the images here. You can also find deleted media or photos here.

Recover deleted WhatsApp videos from Google Drive

All Android smartphone owners are aware that WhatsApp data may be backed up to Google Drive. You may quickly retrieve your movies and messages from Google Drive on Android, regardless of whether you deleted your WhatsApp messages or other material from your phone. Deleted WhatsApp videos can be recovered from Google Drive, so let’s get started.

Step 1. First, delete WhatsApp from your Android phone.

Step 2. Launch WhatsApp after reinstalling it on your Android device.

Step 3. requires you to sign in with the same WhatsApp account. You will then be given two choices on the home page: Restore and Skip.

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