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Here’s how you can start your very own business with very little investment every month

Small Business Concept: This news is for you if you also wish to turn a profit on a modest investment. You can become a millionaire with a tiny business. It just requires Rs. 10,000 investment but might pay off greatly in the long run.

Let’s learn more about this company.

Business Idea
Everyone of all ages is obsessed with ice cream. Everyone never forgets ice cream, whether it is summer or winter. A must-have at weddings, birthday celebrations, and other significant events is ice cream. (Chota business kaise shuru karein) To begin, you should only have one freezer.

Small Business Concept: If your company operates quickly in this situation, there is a chance for it to advance further.

Business Idea Tips
The ice cream industry has significantly grown during the past several years. According to the trade group FICCI, the country’s ice cream industry will reach one billion dollars by 2022. You must obtain a license from the FSSAI if you wish to launch this business. This registration number, which has 15 digits (How to start a business), ensures that the food items prepared here meet the FSSAI’s quality standards.

Business Ideas From Home
This little business can be started from home. Ideas for small businesses If your home is not easily accessible, you can open an ice cream shop by renting a storefront in a more convenient location. Aside from this, any location with 400 to 500 square feet of carpet space is adequate for opening an ice cream shop. Additionally, you can set up seating for 5 to 10 people in this.

Unique Business Ideas
To own an ice cream shop, you can also purchase an Amul Ice Cream Parlor franchise. This will need a minimum of 300 square feet of space. To apply for a franchisee if you have this kind of space set up, send an email to Additionally, you can find more information by clicking on the following link: scooping parlors.

Unique Business Ideas 2023
This information is solely for you if you wish to start a business with a minimal investment. We have a fantastic suggestion for you today (Best Business Idea). By making a little investment in this, you can make thousands of dollars each month. The minimal investment required for this business is 10,000 rupees. This company operates an ice cream parlor. The main benefit is that you can never lose with this. Because the nation is full of people who love ice cream.

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