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Hanna Kim shares her love of K-pop and K-drama as well as her BTS bias

Miss Universe Korea 2022 Hanna Kim: Hanna Kim’s selection as Miss Universe Korea 2022 is understandable. Hanna Kim is not only a gorgeous model but also a talented dancer, a former English teacher, and a language user. About Hanna Kim, Hanna Kim, 28, whose father tragically passed away from cancer when she was 19 years old, aspires to use her position as Miss Universe Korea 2022 to assist and speak for those impacted by cancer.

Additionally, she wants to encourage empowerment and self-assurance through her position. In December, she responded to inquiries from fans on Miss Universe’s social media. She discussed her favorite K-Pop musicians, K-Dramas, messages for today’s youth, and life lessons she had learned through ballet.

Miss Universe Korea 2022 Hanna Kim

Miss Universe Korea 2022 Hanna Kim
Love of K-drama and K-pop by Hanna

At the time of the interview, she acknowledged that Extraordinary Attorney Woo, which was regarded by insiders in the industry as one of the best K-Dramas of 2022, was her favorite K-Drama. She shared that she couldn’t wait to announce that she is a qualified ARMY and that the reason why is so crucial when someone asked about her favorite K-Pop singer.

Miss Universe Korea Hanna Kim
“I’m a great fan of BTS and I’m in the Army. I adore their music and stage presence as well as the causes they support. They truly speak for a variety of various sufferers and hopeless souls. I absolutely appreciate them since their songs gave me hope when I was going through a difficult time in my life. said, Hana Kim.

hanna kim miss universe korea
Hanna’s BTS Bias

In the video, Hanna Kim demonstrated her BTS favoritism by using a custom phone case and background. She proudly wore the name “Jungkook” on her phone case, and the BTS member’s “Butter” era wallpaper was Jungkook. Even in her capacity as Miss Universe Korea 2022, she can’t help but talk about how much she loves BTS and how relatable AF it is.

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