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Diwali 2022 Date – The Festival of Lights

Diwali 2022 Date: Diwali is the most important holiday in India and observes with majesty and fervor. On Amavasya Tithi in the month of Kartik, observes on the fifteenth day of Krishna Paksha. During the Diwali Puja, the Goddess Lakshmi (the god of riches) worship. On this auspicious day, people bring the idols of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi to worship. The name Diwali derives from the Sanskrit Deepavali, which means “Line of Lamps.”

Diwali 2022 Date

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Diwali, the largest festival in the Hindu calendar, is a collection of other celebrations. Everywhere in the nation celebrates this week-long celebration. Diwali observe this year with the same fanfare as it is every year. Diwali, the most well-known holiday in the nation, symbolizes the victory of good over evil and light over darkness.

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People light candles, adorn their homes, and exchange gifts. Today is a day of worship for both Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi. One of the most significant holidays for Hindus is this one. Diwali festivities go for five days. Anyone interested in viewing the complete list of these fortunate days can do so by consulting the list below: –

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Diwali 2022: Important Days and Dates

Festival Day and Date Tithi Celebration
Dhanteras Saturday, 22nd October 2022 Trayodashi Festival of Purchasing Gold and Metals
Choti Diwali Sunday, 23rd October 2022 Chaturdashi Decorations and Making Rangolis
Diwali (Laxmi Puja ) Monday, 24th October 2022 Amavasya Festival of Lights and diyas
Govardhan Pooja Tuesday, 26th October 2022 Pratipada Offer prayers to Lord Goverdhan
(Shri Krishna)
Bhai Dooj Wednesday, 26th October 2022 Dwitiya Celebration of brothers and sisters
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Dwadashi/Dhanteras is on October 22, 2022, on that Saturday.

This fortunate day marks the beginning of the Diwali festival. The first day of the lengthy celebration is known for gold, silver, or steel kitchenware purchasing. Purchasing one of these metals for your residence is seen as good luck. People organize and adorn their homes and workplaces with lighting and lovely accent pieces.

Diwali 2022 India

October 23rd, 2022, is Trayodashi/Kali Chaudas.

Another name for Kali Chaudas is Chhoti Diwali. On this day, a few diyas are also lit. A little pooja performs at home while the entire family is present. To distribute gifts among families and friends, and significant purchases. We purchase treats, home accents, lights, and crackers. On the day of Diwali, homemade treats are ready to serve.

Happy Diwali

Diwali 2022

Monday, October 24, 2022 – Lakshmi Pooja, Chaudas, Narak Chaturdashi, and Diwali

Diwali is known for its lights, presents, crackers, and abundance of festivities. Diwali rituals are performed both at home and places of business. For Hindu businesspeople, it is the most important day. Their new ledger books, ink, pens, and the goddess Lakshmi are all objects of veneration. On the Deepavali date, the auspicious pooja for Diwali is performed after sunset. Families gather in a circle to pray together as a group.

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Pooja is performed according to a predetermined muhurat, and afterward, people receive blessings from their elders and the holy flame. After that, it’s time to start having fun. Fireworks are set off, sweets are consumed, and games and music are played among family and friends. Diwali is regarded as the ideal occasion to celebrate with loved ones.

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October 26th, 2022, is Amavasya and Annakut.

The day after Diwali observes by Govardhan Pooja and Annakut. Langars distributes in the temples on this day, which dedicates to cow worship. Additionally, the day honored the special connection between a husband and wife.

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On this day, wives receive gifts from their husbands in various sections of the nation. On this auspicious day, parents welcome their married children to their homes and present them with presents and blessings.

Diwali Wishes

Wednesday, October 26, 2022 – Bhai Dooj/Dwitiya

Bhai Dooj, the final day of the Diwali festival, observes. The day symbolizes a special connection between a brother and a sister. On this day, sisters tilak their brothers and brothers go to their sister’s house.


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