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Couple’s Unique Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Goes Viral: Poses in Mud for a Heartwarming Reason

Viral photos from a pre-wedding photoshoot: Some images from a pre-wedding photoshoot are going viral on the internet. A couple can be seen wrapped in mud in this image. Both have taken pictures in various poses. This couple, who became famous as a result of the photo shoot, lives in Ormoc City, Philippines.

Actually, this decision was made by Johnsy Gutierrez and Ime Borinaga here to promote agriculture. They both come from farming families. His passion is farming. That is why they both chose this theme to begin their new lives. This photo shoot has a lot of greenery in the background. This couple also claims that by doing so, they have attempted to demonstrate their connection with nature.

couple pre wedding photoshoot

This couple claims that they both come from a family where farming is the primary occupation. That’s why he decided to start his new life with a photo shoot in the mud.

creative pre wedding photoshoot

These images were posted on a Facebook page called Charlessee Visuals in 2021. Even back then, this pre-wedding photoshoot sparked a lot of debate, and the images have gone viral yet again.

pre wedding photoshoot dress

The photos of 24-year-old Johnsy and 21-year-old Imme were unique and different from other couples’ pre-wedding photoshoots because they attempted to express their love and passion for nature through this theme.

pre wedding photoshoot location

This pre-wedding photoshoot took place in Ime’s family’s rice fields.

pre wedding photoshoot outfit

When asked about the pre-wedding shoot, the couple explained that they grew up in a farming family, which is why they finalized the theme for their pre-wedding shoot after several days of brainstorming.

pre wedding photoshoot price

‘I am trying to show farming as a JOB or profession, which should be given its due credit,’ Eme, a government school teacher in the Philippines, said. People should express their appreciation to farmers.

pre wedding photoshoot styles

In her interview, Ime also stated that she wants the entire world to see and feel how difficult it is to walk in the mud and work there.

traditional pre wedding photoshoot

Farmers, according to Ime, suffer from back pain while working in the fields. Despite this, our farmers are content with their lives. This was the inspiration for our photoshoot.

pre wedding photoshoot poses

People like the pictures of this couple because they try to show their love for nature through them.

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