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Black Friday 2022- What You Need to Know

Black Friday 2022 USA- November is a month of sales. So when do the eagerly awaited Black Friday deals in 2022 begin? What products and stores will the fabled Friday discounts be available in? Here are all the specifics you need to know about “Black Friday,” the busiest shopping day of the year:

When is Black Friday 2022?

Black Friday 2022 Date

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This year’s Black Friday occurs on Friday, November 25. Black Friday, the largest sale day of the year, officially begins at 0:00 on Friday, November 25, but in recent years, several businesses and online retailers have begun luring shoppers in with hot discounts as early as the first of November. When this occurs, it’s Black Friday, often known as “Black November.”

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday 2022

Black Friday is the name of a global shopping extravaganza that is known in Turkish as “black Friday.” Numerous brands present discounts of up to 80% during this shopping event, also known as legendary Friday or wonderful Friday in Turkey. So why is a black color that connotes negativity linked with an event that is associated with something lovely like discounts?

Black Friday History: Where did the term “Black Friday” originate?

The last Friday in November has been regarded as the official start of the holiday shopping season in the United States since 1932. Since 1961, this day has been referred to as Black Friday. It falls on the Friday after the fourth Thursday of November, which is observed as Thanksgiving in the USA.

Black Friday Sale

Two legends explain what this day means. The first rumor said that Black Friday sales in Philadelphia, USA, were chaotic. When the public heard discounts of up to 80%, they swarmed to the stores, and Philadelphia came to a complete standstill as thousands of visitors arrived for the army-navy football game. City overcrowding resulted in chaotic traffic, a stampede, and even store looting as employees were killed in the melee. This day came to be known as Black Friday when the city’s police officers used the term “Black Friday” in their radio announcements to describe these unfortunate events.

Another legend is that when American retailers physically record their financial information, they indicate earnings in black and losses in red. The day after Thanksgiving, when there is an excess of spending, many stores that operate at a loss (red) for the majority of the year turn a profit (black). Because of this, Black Friday was given the name of the retailer.

What is the duration of the Legendary Friday discounts? When do the savings expire?

Deals on Black Friday often last for 24 hours. Discounts may, however, last for 3–4 days in some establishments due to population density and rising demand.

Black Friday USA

Which retailers offer Black Friday deals?

From store to store, the reductions begin at different times. The extent that some retailers will begin offering discounts on November 22. While others will only do so on Black Friday.

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