AC Cooling Tips 2023

AC Cooling Tips: 10 easy suggestions for better AC cooling

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AC Cooling Tips: The summer season has arrived. Most of the country has already experienced temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius, and 40 degrees is not far away. It’s time to maintain your air conditioners. It’s time to service them, if necessary (is a general good practice). Here are a few quick tips to help your ACs cool off your home more effectively this summer.

Make sure the air conditioner is set to “Cool mode.”

Modern air conditioners have various cooling options, including Cool, Dry, Hot, Fan, and more. Ensure the air conditioner is in the Cool mode for increased cooling effectiveness.

Filter that is clogged and dirty reduces the cooling effectiveness.

A clogged AC filter can restrict airflow, which ultimately lowers the AC’s cooling effectiveness. The filters should be cleaned every two weeks for better cooling and airflow. In order to maintain consistent airflow, make sure that filter vents are free of dust or other debris.

Make sure there is no air escaping from the room.

Ensure all the doors, windows, etc. are properly closed to keep the cold air in the space for a better cooling effect. Additionally, avoid having windows and doors open and close frequently.

AC Cooling Tips

The cooling effect of sunlight is impacted.

Sunlight exposure might be a factor in the decreased cooling efficiency. If the room receives direct sunlight, the AC may have to work harder to keep the space cool. To achieve better results, close the drapes on windows and doors to block out direct sunlight. If at all possible, use double-layer or thick curtains.

Room size and AC capacity are inversely correlated.

It’s crucial to select the appropriate AC capacity for the space because it has an impact on the AC’s efficiency. A larger room will require more cooling power if the AC can handle it.

Typically, a 1-ton AC is advised for a 100-square-foot area, a 1.5-ton unit for a 150-square-foot space, and a 2-ton unit for a 200-square-foot space.

The number of people in the room has an impact on how well the room cools.

The number of people in the room also affects how effectively an air conditioner cools the space, in addition to the size and location of the room. More people simply result in slower cooling.

Keep outdoor equipment covered or in the shade.

Split air conditioners typically have an outdoor unit that is directly exposed to the sun. This may also have an impact on cooling. A shaded area should be chosen for the outdoor unit’s placement.

Keep obstructions out of the outdoor unit’s airflow.

For better airflow, try to keep the area around the outdoor unit as clear as possible at all times. Avoid keeping any large objects close to the outdoor unit that could obstruct airflow.

Regular upkeep is crucial.

It’s crucial to schedule timely AC maintenance. This will make sure the AC is running as efficiently as it can for better cooling.

Utilize the AC at max capacity.

Users of contemporary air conditioners with inverter technology have the option to lower the load in order to save energy. Nevertheless, it is advised to run the air conditioner at full capacity for better cooling.

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